When Kenzie slinked out of the shadows and into the artistic spotlight last year, she came bearing her own brand of sullen club music: the kind that could either seduce a man or make him break down and cry. On her ‘Dark July’ EP, every breath and lyric felt like it counted, like they meant something to the woman who made them. “Something was solidified within me with [Dark July],” she says now, some months after she let it out into the world. “I loved those dark beats, but with the stuff I’m doing now, I want to bring something more organic forward.”

The very nature of organic growth is important to Kenzie, who’s side-stepped the usual musical narrative for young artists – one that involves vying for the approval of major labels to catapult them into cookie-cutter pop roles – and has launched her own label instead. Releasing her own material through BBYTTH, she’s retained control of her entire creative output. ‘You The Best’, the first track she’s released outside of the Dark July universe, is true to that. “It’s on the same thread,” she says, but instead of the exonerating sounds of broken down beats, it’s tinged with bluesy keys and warped samples instead. “Doing stuff like that pushes things forward a little bit.”

The future is exciting for her creatively – new music is due this summer – but she’s aware of what should happen in order for the earth’s equilibrium to slot into a serendipitous place. The world we all walk on, she knows, needs saving. “I don’t think I know what a utopia would look like, but my Miss World answer?” she ponders. “More empathy, and appreciating the ground we walk on.”